SupraZip the zip archiver

SupraZip is a lightweight compression / decompression software for Windows. It is a powerful easy to use tool to quickly compress and decompress files to conserve disk space and greatly reduce the time needed for sending.

The highlight of SupraZip is probably the largest number of compression options and scalability it offers. You can create complex compression requests perfectly meets your needs, for example by specifying a different compression rates by compressing files or an entire folder except one of its subfolders.

With SupraZip you can create the Zip archives, GZips, Tar and UUE in all easiness


  • Compression and decompression for many formats: zip, gzip, tar, ..
  • Folder tree view
  • Create self-extracting archives

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Read the most frequently asked question by our users

Including Winzip vs SupraZip, which one to choose?

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SuprZip only costs 2 €

Purchase SupraZip via PayPal or allopass and download it on this page

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